Nevada County Farm Bureau

NCFB Scholarships

CFBF Scholarship application Due Feb 28th

NCFB  2020/21 District Scholarship  Packet- Due April 1st

NCFB 2020/21 scholarship renewal- Due April 1st

NCFB awards 2 scholarships to graduating seniors who will continue their studies in agriculture. We are proud to award these scholarships and we hope they will help you live your dreams, study well and achieve all your goals. Continue the good work and enjoy your college experience!

2019-2020 -  NCFB Scholarship

  • Anna Woodall
  • Rebecca Juardo
  • Lauren Glomson - renewal
  • Justin Kilgore - renewal
  • Madison Pierce- renewal

2019-2020 - C. J. ROLPH Memorial Scholarship

  • Kayla Tofte -renewal
  • Katherine Renner -renewal
"The C.J Rolph Memorial Scholarship was started in 1996 after my 
Uncle Jette: ie C.J. Rolph, passed away. He was very involved with
Nevada County Farm Bureau. He served as Farm Center President,
County President, District Director and a State Delegate to CFBF
annual meetings."

"He had no children of his own, but felt the need to help those students
who wished to pursue their studies in agriculture, and help them have a
chance to do so. He also gave money to the CFBF scholarship fund when
Peardale Farm Center building was sold."

"He graduated from the University of California Davis and for those years
he wasn't in the service ran a ranch in Chicago Park." by Darlene Moberg